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CEO-chat: When to tell the truth?

Updated: Mar 3, 2018

A (startup) CEO’s job is to tell things that are 51% or even less likely as if they were 99%

I read this line somewhere a few days ago and couldn’t help but but wonder if this is truly the #WinningMindset.

While keeping everyone in high spirits is prevalent, this philosophy may very well put the CEO in a nice thick bubble within the company.

Constantly sugar-coating the truth erodes credibility and unintentionally creates a culture where employees will be discouraged to raise any concerns, bad news are not tolerated and people will take less risk to avoid failure (= more bad news).

Many of us are problem solvers - how do we collectively overcome challenges if we don’t know about them (until it is too late).

Moreover, if CEOs keep repeating this over and over again to the point they actually believe it (habit alarm), they extend their blind spot into blind zones.

In what circumstances do they need to deliver the 99% pitch instead of saying that the glass is half full? What about external communication with potential customers or investors?

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