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Change gone bad

Updated: Apr 1, 2018

“...felt as if they had been hit by a cold wind from the north that blew into town, tossed everything around and left everybody shivering in its path.” from 1988 LA times

Ross Johnson was a man seeking excitement, glory and fame. He was bored with status quo and addicted to action. He was the master of reorganizations, constantly thinking about the next move, including numerous M&As and relocating RJR Nabisco’s historic headquarter to Atlanta. Corporate workers were occasionally sent into line jobs. Rumors spread that after he took over nobody had a job, only a current assignment.

Change itself is not transformational. Continuous reinvention without a solid goal creates anxiety, confusion and hurts morale & productivity.

There are times when bold decisions and transformative actions are required. Change at the right time for the right reason works and only then.

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