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Do you feel alive?

Updated: Apr 1, 2018

If you don't set the life you want, others will do it for you.

“Some people die at 25 and aren't buried until 75.”

Are you a sleepwalker or do you feel alive?

Is Monday Day 1 of the hostage situation or is it a day to get closer to your goals? Is your day a boring routine or exciting course of events and activities? Do you experience enthusiasm, joy and rewards or is it a constant drag? There is no one way to live life.

Never late to pivot or take a break and hit refresh. Some people buy an old RV and travel through national parks for a year. Others build a boat and sail across the world with their family. Some ride across the US from coast to coast on a bicycle. Others pack up and go to South Africa to create lasting impact through volunteering. (You can easily find great blogs and follow those stories online.)

Asking you to make a list sounds cliché but it will be a revealing experience if you think through what are the things in your day and this year that make you feel alive.

Things that make me feel alive

Here are some items from my list:

  • I love traveling, it opens my eyes and my mind. Being a tourist and mingling with locals is a fantastic way to get away from routine and recharge your mental energy and body.

  • I love scuba diving, it makes me feel free and sharp. The ocean offers breathtaking views underwater and so much beauty to discover!

  • I love making plans and focusing on accomplishing my goal. While I understand it is a drag for some, I cannot imagine my life without it. Organizing my limited resources the best way to serve my grand plan drives my passion and persistence higher. I have a "condition": I am very concerned about how I spend my time and thus, make sure no hour is wasted with anything that is not part of my win plan.

  • I love being a strategy consultant, it is a new challenge and plenty of learning every day. Ideally, you get to work on numerous projects (3-6 months long) for different clients, in various industries. It is challenging, complex and rewarding at the same time.

Now, it is your turn. What is on your list? How hard was it to create it? How much of your day or year do you spend feeling alive? Time for a change?

Set the life you want or others will do it for you. If you are in the process of formulating it, you may enjoy The Art of Non-Conformity from Chris Guillebeau. #pbordan #WinningMindset #myLife

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