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How I tricked myself and invented this fun game

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Compromising is not my thing. Then why would I accept my design flaws that are pretty annoying, even to me?

I am absolutely not ashamed to share my dark triad with you:

  • I get bored easily. Seriously. I get bored if I have to wait for the elevator. I am bored at the red light. Bored while brushing my teeth. Terribly bored and being fully conscious about it.

  • I am thinking all the time. Often thinking about thinking too much. Any silent moment, a monologue can start in my head and turn into a dialogue. Guess what, the two voices don’t always agree.

  • Probably not independent from the above points, my brain needs constant stimulus. I have a minor panic attack every minute I spend not being effective or stretching my mind. I downloaded 100+ podcasts and audiobooks to my phone. I subscribe to numerous newsletters to get the latest news, leadership know-how, innovation ideas. I also carry a book because phone batteries tend to die when they are needed the most.

So my survival instincts kicked in and I invented this game for idle minutes. It is not only fun but also turned out to be more challenging than I initially thought. It’s called DEFINE. Every time you hear a buzzword, see a headline, remember a somewhat abstract term, try to define it in one minute in simple terms that a five-year-old would understand.

If you are thinking what’s the big deal I encourage you to try it. Don't cherry-pick your favorite words. I listed some sample questions and answers below. If you are ready you can move to rapid shots (5 questions in 2 minutes) or to the advanced follow up questions.

To experiment and collect more perspectives, I even started asking job candidates I interview some of these questions.

DEFINE questions:

  1. What is risk?

  2. What is GDP?

  3. What is inflation?

  4. What is business intelligence?

  5. What is culture?

Sample answers (create your own):

  1. Possibility of losing something we value

  2. Gross Domestic Product is the total value of finished goods and services people produce in a certain country

  3. The rise of price over time expressed in percentage value

  4. Gaining business insights from (big) data and turning them into decisions

  5. It is a collection of traditions, habits, expected behaviors a group of people accept and follow

Advanced version

  1. a) What categories of business risks can you think of?

  2. a) Why is GDP an imperfect measure of a country’s wellbeing?

  3. a) What causes inflation?

  4. a) What applications of business intelligence have I encountered today or this week?

  5. a) What holds people together in a company? In a country? In a community?

Research proves that the best way of learning is teaching what you don’t know. I found this exercise to be a phenomenal and effortless method to teach myself new things every day.

Bonus Resource: TED-Ed is TED’s youth and education initiative. I love their engaging animations, the simple narrative and the fascinating topics like Can you survive nuclear fallout, How rollercoasters affect your body, Does time exists. Check it out here: https://ed.ted.com/

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