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How to win Millennials?

Updated: Mar 3, 2018

Millennials represent the largest population yet many companies struggle to engage us. We will connect with you, be loyal and even accept to share some personal information as long as we get what we want:

- Your product needs to be easy, intuitive and simply work - this is what we are used to (thanks Apple, Amazon, Lyft)

- Your brand and what you stand for must relate to our core values because we like to think we are authentic (people and environment are the real deal)

- Purchasing experience needs to be frictionless and social - we touch multiple devices and interact with the world through various channels every day

- Market experience rather than stuff. We will spend all our money on festivals, hiking, rafting, sky-diving any time before buying an expensive TV or watch

- We choose accessibility before ownership. While Baby Boomers expressed their freedom through owning cars, motorcycles and houses, we don’t define ourselves through ownership. Ownership is a major commitment, quite the opposite of freedom

- We do have a budget and we are smart about our finances (for endless research on student debt and wage disadvantages refer to subject matter experts)

It is time to catch up because guess what? Gen Z is already around the corner…

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