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I dare you to create a NEW WORLD for a NEW YOU.

She looked around and she felt it again. Except, this time it was stronger. The books on the desk, the beige walls and the dark chocolate table that are normally so familiar and comforting, they all looked like they are from a strange alternative reality. Her mind stepped outside of her body and pictured her life in slow motion. It was absurd. She started seeing herself from a birds-eye view zooming out of the tiny apartment, the lively downtown neighborhood, the bustling city. This time, she couldn’t let this experience go and decided to do something about the inexplicable universe she occasionally finds herself in.

We are tempted to think of life as a continuum and keep moving into the same direction, taking the next logical step and settling for less than what we can reach with some extra effort and a little better focus. For a brief moment, we feel bitterness and jealousy when we see somebody else achieving our goals and dreams, independence and relative freedom. Somebody that had the courage to do something about their life. Then, we make up a few self-assuring excuses and quickly move on.

Life is wasted if we don’t strive to reach our full potential and spend our limited time feeling alive. If your days go by keeping your head down and dutifully checking the boxes of a never ending to-do list at home, at work or at school, I dare you to STOP and challenge yourself.

If you could do anything, what would it be? What would your life be like if it could be anything? Think about what you want to learn, try, live through and accomplish. What would make you say: I am LIVING LIFE.

It is the hardest question I ever asked myself so I decided that I need some help.

I wanted to imagine life as a blank paper and answer those questions. What better tool to get inspired, be bold and start the creative juices flowing that an actual drawing board with lots of colors. (I have a love affair with blank papers and their magical power through my writing adventures and can testify that they make you do things you never though you can.)

My magic kingdom is set up for the challenge.

I encourage you to try it. Write, draw, color or do it all. Just as you are creating a new world on paper, you can train your mindset to create it in your life. Let a new you grow out of the exercise. Is it liberating or frightening?

Start with all the things you would do if you had the time or the money for. Let your imagination wander and don’t filter for what is possible. Find what you want so badly that it is burning you from within. Enjoy the process, this is just the beginning of the journey.

Once you are committed to what truly matters to you in life, design your #WinPlan to go for it with all you have. Let’s come back to this one. One homework at a time.

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