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Mentoring Nuggets: Focus on the process not the outcome!

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

What a paradox that we tend to set goals when we rarely control the outcome! However, one thing we completely own is the process and consistency. So instead of aiming for the dream job, create a professional and polished resume, network and practice interviewing. Instead of wishing to have a healthy body, do some exercise for 20 minutes every day - walk, run, swim, lift weights or whatever suits you. Instead of wanting to be respected or liked, treat every person you interact with nicely and pay attention to their needs.

For me, it also means that I set aside specific time for reading and learning every day without worrying to know entire disciplines or to remember everything.

As we prepare for 2019, it's worth keeping in mind that we should focus on the process we control. Let the outcome be a pleasant and well-deserved surprise!

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