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Reading is back in fashion (if it ever went out of it)

Updated: Apr 1, 2018

12 months 12 books. This is not a New Year's resolution or a challenge. It is a habit. #Reading is joy, magic and let’s be honest, it’s cool.

I developed a love of reading in my early childhood. I started to read to discover and understand the world. I kept on to broaden my perspective, see life through other people’s eyes and occasionally, to direct my mind away from sadness and stress. I only recently realized the extent of my addiction to reading and how beneficial it is for mental & physical health. Habits can be spiced up so here is my recipe for 2018:

  1. Mix and match the fun: I tend to pick a topic I am passionate about (last year, it was behavioral economics and behavioral finance). This year, I mix fiction and non-fiction, recent and classic, fun and skill enhancement. Balance and diversity.

  2. From passive to active: I create a “memory map” from highlight, side comments and post-it notes to remember key statements, most impressive parts and capture my thinking.

  3. Read to become a better writer: improve vocabulary and grammar, and find inspiration. I plot the storyline and study the style of the writer.

Fortunately, there are endless number of stories and new knowledge to absorb and I look forward to a lifetime of reading.

How do you read? Why do you read?

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