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Why don’t your employees innovate?

Turn around the question and ask: why would they?

Do you emphasize innovation during the hiring process? Do your employees think innovating is part of their job description is it is only “nice to have”. Is there a formal and transparent reward and incentive system in place or do people hope that someone may eventually recognize the risk they take to create something new. Do you have an innovation program accessible to everyone and does it outline proper training, management and recognition? Do you give employees the time and resources they need to get inspired and free their mind? Are they expected to do innovation in addition to their day job and if so, is this the only thing they are expected to do in addition to their day job? If they come up with an idea and your tell them to come back with the ROI and market test results - what are the chances that they will keep the next big idea to themselves or start a side gig if it’s really promising and they have to put in the effort on their own time anyway? Do your employees feel judged? Are they afraid of making mistakes that are rarely forgotten? ____ Innovation is top-down - you make it a priority or else it becomes an empty buzzword in your organization.

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If interested in best and worst practices and in real life learnings from companies that are trying to crack the code on driving organic innovation, read this short but very informative research: http://www.innovationinpractice.com/How%20Companies%20Incentivize%20Innovation%20E-version%20May%202013.pdf

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